La Caretta

Boat Rental

A boat just for you. You can visit the places you want and enjoy the privacy of your dreams.

You set off from ALYKANAS at 9 o’clock in the morning. The boat is available until the sunset and so is the experienced skipper who will take you to the most beautiful Zakynthian spots. You can choose where to stop but, as locals, allow us to recommend you some really exciting places. Your first stop can be in XIGIA after you stop AGIO NICOLAS, BLUE CAVES .

Navagio beach is the final destination of the trip. What can be said about this sight? The imperious rocks, the white sand, the clear, blue sea water compose a picture that is impossible to be described. Stop in any beach you find interesting and enjoy the Greek sun and the majestic sea.

Keep the memories by taking as many photos as you can. After this fascinating day full of pictures you return to ALYKANAS port the sun sets.